University Hospital of Wales Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Guideline Printed on Wed 23-jul-08
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Guidance for reporting a death to the Coroner

These guidelines have been issued by Cardiff and Vale NHS trust

All unnatural/ suspicious and/or unexplained deaths that occur on PICU between 07.30 and 15.30 weekdays (15.00 Fridays) must be reported immediately to HM Coroner, and by 07.30 the next working day if the death occurs outside these hours.

Reporting of child deaths can only be undertaken by a Consultant or doctor of an equivalent grade.

Coroner's office:
02920 527431
02920 527433
02920 528020

There is a duty to formally report deaths in the following categories:

This is not an exhaustive list, and reflects local practice rather than statutory requirements

THe flowing information should be to hand on making the referral:

Information supplied to the coroner should not be placed with the deceased's case notes